Orientation Program to New members

On 2nd February 2023, the Inter-Generational Feminist Forum organized an orientation program at the IGFF Secretariat to discuss Community Safety Net (CSN), and orientation on IGFF to the new members. A total number of 31 participants representing diverse groups and organizations including the Women Empowerment Center, Kirtipur, Hamro Palo, Nepal Muslim women welfare Society, and Mitini Nepal attended the program.

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The program was facilitated by Rita Thapa and Sharu Joshi (Founders of IGFF). Rita welcomed everyone and shared the main objective of the program. She explained how the IGFF journey began, its current status, and the purpose of its existence. Sharu highlighted women’s issues that needed to be addressed and shared how the IGFF has been contributing to these issues. She elaborated on what IGFF is, what it does, and how it works. She also explained how the “Community Safety Network” concept came about during the COVID pandemic.

The IGFF exists to represent women from all seven provinces and believes in collective leadership. IGFF advocates for women of all generations, the marginalized, minorities, and LGBTIQ people. The IGFF is an informal group of feminists who believe that being a feminist means spreading love and respect to all.

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