Strategy for Women’s Substantive Representation

On August 3, 2022, a webinar titled “Upcoming General Election-2022: Strategy for Women’s Substantive Representation” was held in anticipation of the upcoming election. Dr. Chandra Bhadra, an emeritus professor of gender studies at Tribhuvan University, served as our keynote speaker. She has provided the government of Nepal and numerous other national/international entities with her academic and professional skills in Women in Development (WID) and Gender and Development (GAD) for the past forty years.

She stated that the stress of living in a patriarchal environment is still felt by women in Nepal. She went on to explain the importance of equitable and proportional political engagement for women. Instead of holding up for scrutiny the types of discrimination and lack of chances that have underprepared women for equal participation, she concentrated on the fact that, far too often, their capacity to participate in Parliament at quota levels has been questioned.

Participants in the floor discussion express their opinions that the time is now to take action. In order to address issues of exclusion, marginalization, and sustainable development, women must have significant representation. In total, 78 IGFF members from all seven provinces participated in this webinar.

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