IGFF draws attention of govt bodies to work towards curbing domestic violence against women, children during election

Inter-Generational Feminist Forum (IGFF) has drawn attention of the government and other concerned authorities to curb instances of violence against women and children during the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections scheduled for November 20.

The province level IGFF members have mentioned that domestic violence against women and children was increased during the local level elections held in May. The group said that the violence against them was found to have increased significantly during the election campaign activities and organization of victory rallies, feasts and excessive consumption of alcohol in the name of celebrating victory after the election.

The IGFF has submitted an Attention Letter to Chief District Officers (CDOs) of all districts on 12th Oct. across the country and other stakeholders to take necessary measures to contain the growing instances of violence against women and children during the election period. The letter was also sent to District Election Offices and District Police Offices. 

The letter  signed jointly by Sharu Joshi and Rita Sah, the co-coordinators of IGFF, has specifically asked authorities concerned to monitor and coordinate with relevant agencies to contain domestic violence and take all security measures to help create a secure environment for women actively involved in election campaigns. “The concerned authorities should fully implement and strengthen the special arrangements made by the state for people who are physically weak (elderly, disabled, pregnant, children, etc.) to go to vote,” states the letter.  

Among other things, the group has drawn the attention of the Election Commission (EC) and other bodies concerned to effectively implement the Election Code of Conduct and take action against those violating the Code of Conduct. The IGFF had held consultation with the top leadership of the parties to ensure increased participation of women in the local level elections and conducted dialogue programs with women at the provincial and district level to encourage them to contest elections. 

Few picture during submission of attention letter in different districts.

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